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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A United States GULAG: Trump's Wall

During his election Twitler, #Trumpenführer promised to deport 2 Million "illegal immigrants" immediately. That there aren't 2 million illegal immigrants unless you include those who entered illegally but are otherwise are good residents, implied that he had some pretty strong intentions towards the immigrant community. I figured he was serious. What is going on today indicates that ICE was cheering and got serious about planning for keeping his promises. What does that take?

2,000,000 divided by 200 working days = 10,0000 people per day!

ICE considers cities "Target Rich locations" []

How many buses does it take to move 10,000 people a day? Let's say they can fit 50 prisoners per bus. That means they need 200 buses. They need processing centers that can handle at least 100,000 people at a time. Now that can be spread across the country. But they would need at least 100 of those to spread out the work. ICE Currently has about 64 processing centers so this would be a strain on their current infrastructure. But I'm sure that Trump can find old warehouses and maybe empty Casino's to use.

And they'd need about 200 bureaucrats to process them in if they do away with all the civil rights, due process, and quality checks and used local cops, Police Departments (PDs) and Sheriff Departments (SD) to assist them. ICE can do raids on State and County Penitentiaries to speed things up. Simply identify all foreign sounding inmates and deport those first.

But then there is the problem of deporting so many people! No problem! He can build way station camps along the border. While waiting to be deported his victims. I mean deportees.

Can enjoy "sun and fun" in the US Desert Southwest. While waiting, they can be forced to build Trump's wall.

I was being Sarcastic --> but the order has already gone out:

For Detainees from Latin America, they can be issued a Train Ticket voucher to their home countries. For Mexicans, they can be taken to gates in his Trumper Wall and marched through them. For foreign countries, he can load them on Naval Transports and dump them on the beaches. If the country is landlocked. He can give them vouchers to reach their home country. Of course he'll have to feed them, maybe, while they are in custody. But I'm sure that won't be a problem. Concentration camps don't feed people well anyway.

If the buses prove inadequate he can use Cattle Cars. If the Mexicans won't accept deportees, he can always employ the final solution.


Show Your Papers?

Not funny?

Of course this system will make mistakes. But who cares? If you can't show your papers on demand you belong in jail anyway. You must have done something wrong sometime! Maybe jay walked when you were 6? If they are US Citizens, well you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. If they are reporters, dissidents, nosey bloggers or comedians all the better. We'll all be singing along with Cheech "I was born in East L.A." I was born in Corona California, so it's no stretch for me.

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