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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Putin's Puppet

It takes a lot of effort to ... engineer a disaster.

The Press and punditry treat Trump's precipitous pullout from Syria as him following his "gut." but my more savvy friends can see thru that. Trump is following Orders. The Syrians were prepared to invade, before Erdogan told Trump they were planning to. My Russian speaking friends tell me, Putin was encouraging the Kurds to make a deal with Assad. Both Assad and the Turks are in bed with Russia. The attack on NE Syria was carefully planned and coordinated, with everyone but the US Government and US military.

Trump is a traitor. But he is also an idiot.

It appears the Russians were seeking to broker a deal between Assad and the Kurds for a long time. The Kurds don't trust the Russians or Assad, rightly. But the deal was on the table before the Turks invaded.

The Turks were preparing this invasion a long time as well. An Army doesn't march across a border without logistics, detailed plans for where to send people and vehicles, air support. Who did the Turks plan with? Not the USA. It is obvious they were planning this with help from the Russians.

Probably this was planned between Russia and the Turks and Russia and Assad, since Trump took the Presidency. And the Russians probably started talking to the Kurds the last time that Trump tried to withdraw troops from Syria. Trump might have been in the planning. But it looks to me like he was just following orders. He only cares about his two buildings in Istanbul.

What's in it for Assad

For Assad, Putin's been an ally and adviser since he took power. Assad's brutal regime was one reason the Kurds sought autonomy. But Assad has bigger enemies in the Sunni Arabs. To get peace between Assad and the Kurds required a common existential threat. Putin produced it.

What's in it for the Turks

The Turks are experts at genocide, having done one of the first post World War I genocides on record with their Armenian minority. The Turks needed a place to park Sunni Arabs, Al Qaeda and Issis outlaws and millions of refugees. Putin probably offered them land in Syria to dump these potentially troublesome Muslim Syrians. Turkey considers Kurds who don't learn Turkish and assimilate, enemies. Turkey has a large number of Kurds in it's own boundaries and any homeland for Kurds, to them, is a threat that more minorities will seek self determination. So invading Syria was a threefer for them. Get rid of Arab refugees, kill Kurds and embarrass Americans. All at the same time.

And All of it is good for Putin

For Putin it gives him complete control over Syria, Turkey and eliminates American "interference" all at the same time. All promises Trump was forced to make at the infamous Helsinki Conference. Illustrated when he held up his list in Russian. My Russian speaking friends helpfully translated.

I'm not the only one

I'm not the only one noticing this. A German named Andreas RĂ¼esch writes the following:

Sources and Further reading

What's in it for the USA?

... nothing ...

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