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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Update on Prince Bandar

A few months ago enough evidence finally hit me so I hit the six-sigma level of confidence on 9/11. The evidence has pointed to Saudi Arabia since day one thanks to the fact that the preponderance of the hijacker's were Saudi Arabians, the authorities have never denied the preponderance of the money came from Saudis, and Al Qaeda and it's sister groups were all Wahabi Salafists getting their propaganda from Saudi Arabia. Nobody has ever denied it, though they've always pretended that Bin Laden was a non-State "independent actor", and it was hard to believe that he could have been working for the Saudis, since shortly after 9/11 a series of terror bombings occurred in Saudi Arabia and the perps were arrested. But by September last year I found Prince Bandar boasting to Prince, I mean President Putin, that he controlled the Chechens and the Syrian opposition, and it became obvious that Bin Laden was at the very least his ally, and possibly his agent or tool. quoted from a leaked account of that meeting: "The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us" and watched with flabbergasted amazement as our Arab speaking CIA cheered Prince Bandar's "Wasta".

Nothing has changed since then, except other news reports and accounts of Prince Bandar's wasta and connections to Al Qaeda. We are asked to fight Al Qaeda while at the same time to support its efforts in Syria. To fight attacks on Sochi, while remaining friends with Prince Bandar who has boasted about orchestrating any that occur. Essentially his influence over our Arab loving CIA operatives, makes the operatives involved complicit in ongoing treachery to the USA. That is the only thing you can call behavior that advances oil interests and salafist dreams against the USA's interests in a peaceful, multi-cultural, and religiously free world. So this is a list of links to other articles:
Executive Intelligence lays out part of the argument. The La Rouchies are crazy but they usually do factual research:
Sadly, the Syrian Government is using the Al Qaeda/Prince Bandar link as an excuse to claim that it's own nasty behavior is justified in it's "war on Al Qaeda" -- and sadly they have a point;
There is now an entire Blog devoted to this subject:
Recently Prince Bandar's dad died, who was a crown prince who had a stake on overthrowing the King:
Ironically, the USA made him our ally in our war on terrorism:
The Russians are positively rabid about this connection, to the point where they claim the CIA admitted they caused 9/11 (technically the article claims they "created Al Qaeda" which is true):

Of course we'd be better off if they added Russia's secret police, China's and a whole list of other "security" forces to that list, including the infamous French. These secret police are often a world unto themselves, traitorous to their own countries, in bed with banks and big business, and somehow continuing whatever ideology the country that hosts the parasites professes. Bay of Pigs, Kennedy's assassination, 9/11, Vietnam, etc.... all connected to intelligence as an oxymoron or a corrupt joke.

This article is the kind of argument I used to reject. But recent revelations are now making me take it seriously. The author claims:
"Recent reports that Al-Qaeda militants have taken over parts of Iraq serve as a stark reminder that the United States has for decades played a crucial role in both directly and indirectly aiding in the spread of terrorists around the Middle East and North Africa as a Machiavellian tool of neo-colonialism. There’s a very good reason why Al-Qaeda now controls more territory in the Arab world than ever before."

Cynical privateers need wars in order to justify their freebooting. War-profiteering loses it's profit during peacetime. Oil is not such a gold mind for the Midas's of the world if people demand to be cut in on the deal. War is a way of cutting out a least some of the stakeholders to resources. Resource wars only benefit the 1%, but that one percent is usually in charge.

The Wiki Page is outdated:

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