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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Have we become the society depicted in The book 1984?

I was reading Bill Moyer's article "Iraq and Afghanistan Have Officially Become Vietnam 2.0 from October 14, 2015, by Andrew Bacevich" [] when it hit me. This sounds familiar.

Like 1984.

So I decided to get out my Hitler Avatar and do a little digging for his latest poster.

Suggest people read his article and then read the excerpt from 1984 at Old Uncle Dave Blog called "Orwell on Eternal War" []

Chilling, and it invites the question. Are these people trying to hold us all down by keeping us at eternal war?

If so, the trouble with that strategy, is that it in the long run is a loser for everyone, including the top of the hierarchies that use that strategy to keep other's down. Like the rival governments in "1984" they vacation together. But unlike them, we still have the means to sweep them away.

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