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Sunday, October 11, 2015

We live in circles.
Closer and farther,
tangled and mangled
The family is a circle we can't break,
tied by heart-strings that stretch and shake, and thin
Our hearts will break before they do.
Ties of love and affection do not go away,
though the strings may rot and stretch,
They can stretch so thin, they become invisible
and tracking them down is impossible.
But they never really are gone.
And when we've cared for someone
We know because part of them lives on,
no matter how far they go.
Inner circles and outer circles.
Are fences to keep our hearts within;
Because the ties don't break,
though they stretch and shake, they thin
Sadly, our hearts do break,
and a piece breaks off with them.

Christopher Hartly Holte, 10/11/2015

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