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Monday, September 29, 2014

The companion of a mirror

I say good night to I in the mirror,
and the mirror says good night right back.
It's companionship couldn't be clearer
I enjoy the company of my creaking house,
and the odd sounds in the night.
The House talks to me when no one is around.
and I talk to it in turn.
And when I think of loved ones who passed,
I set a candle in my window to burn.
Oh, my little dog is companion enough,
and I am companion to my self.
And, I've friends who lend a hand when it's tough,
I am grateful to them for my mental health.
No man is an Island, a Rock, Dunn said,
But I think he understood we are more like a ship instead.
We need our ports and we need our journeys,
We need our trials and we need to rest and be repaired.
I am lonely for missing dear friends long gone,
And sometimes I sing that despairing song.
But their voices are alive within my mind
And I hold onto them tightly in my heart.
Christopher H. Holte

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