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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What do we bequeath?

I will be home one day. And home for to stay.
Deep in a hole in the ground, where the soil is good.
The world will get us, and get us it will.
And we will depart this world....
as will our children....
as will our children....
My own fate, bothers me little.
But the fate of my grandchildren...
and the fate of the children of my loves...
that bothers me more than the fears of the day.
We all will one day depart this world...
as will our children....
Sadly, as will our children.
What monstrous eggs have we planted in the ground?
That rise up to haunt us, Monstrous and cavernous.
Taking our children, before they should.
We planted glowing dragon's teeth.
And what will we reap?
What have we taught them?
What do we bequeath?
Deep in the ground, where the soil is deep.
At the end of my days, sleeping for good.
The world will get us yet into it's maw.
And what do we leave our children,
when they depart too?
What do we reap?
Why do we weep?

Christopher H. Holte

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