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Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Live pointing the way

I live in a world that's lost it's way.
I live at the end of one day
and the beginning of another
I live in a world, where brother lies to brother.
I live in a world of lost dreams,
where we wake up hearing our own screams.
A world of corruption
where people live who have forgotten how to sing.
We live in a world where dreams have died
yet still cry out in the night
tormenting their owners in the night
like lost ghosts lost in time.
I live in a world so confused
that the victims soon become the abused
where people confuse wrong with the right
and divine answers that are falsehoods
when the truth could be easily known
if they didn't perpetuate foolish behavior and suffering.
I live in a world of fear and delusion
where people seek happiness in wealth and illusion
Where greed destroys future and present
and people throw away the good without taking heed
of where their real value lies.
And I live and I dance and I sing.
celebrating life in internal freedom
I am one among millions of I's
I am I, unique and powerful in potential
And I know how things can be so I dance and I sing, pointing a way.

Christopher H. Holte 1981

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