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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Dance on the Second Law of Thermodynamics

As long as the sun shines with light and earth radiates infrared into the night
we dance on the second law of thermodynamics.
We are fossil sunstuff born in long ago cataclysms of dying suns.
Our lives dance due to things made from the chaos of spreading space and time.
Our eyes should be wide with wonder,
at the massiveness,
the mysteriousness of it all.
We live in a moment of creation and destruction,
and the more we feel it we realize we are in it's thrall...
We who are here are here because of ancient dreams and bursting things.
As if a single word were spoken saying "breath" from a single spot.
And you can hear the sound, the sound of creation all around.
It is in every moment, and we should hear it and sing along.
We create our present moment.
Dancing on the moment of creation we ride a wave coming from the past.
We have to live in the moment though not one moment ever lasts.
Born, awakening, sleeping, dying. Seven days in every moment.
You may see a book of paper. I see a book of life.
You may see a frozen dictation. But I see a blowing wind.

Christopher H. Holte Today, 10/16/2014

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