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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Fire

Forged in fire, bent and annealed
broken assunder, reforged and healed.
Heated and beaten, beaten and healed.
This is a good sword, created and forged.
The fire tests us, sometimes bests us,
as we struggle just to live,
The ineffable, Lord of the Firmament
Tests our metal,
Tests our willingness to forgive.
The Lord of Creation;
A word spreading over the ocean
born, reborn, winds and eternal waves
Is defined, redefined, we participate in creation
like a drop of water in the ocean
waves spreading from first contact.
We define the ineffable, we create our image;
In our hubris or blasphemy, we imagine what the divine is all about
and our delusions are crushed
and burned in fire.
And we can pray that waves will spread from each point of light,
that we can heal the world, and make it right.
For We either teach and learn,
Or we taste the fire, and are beaten and healed.
Or are broken and discarded.

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