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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some things I don't forget

I've got a list of lawyers & senior staff who I think need to be held accountable for our opening up of the gates of hell in 2002. It was a long slide that started with "extraordinary rendition" and has wound up with Prison guards routinely pepper spraying prisoners to make them more cooperative.

The ACLU is working to publicize the full extent to which the Bush Administration opened those gates, and our own Obama POTUS has helped them get away with it. The ACLU notes about this:

"Nevertheless, the Obama administration is still fighting to keep the full truth about torture – including photos the public hasn't yet seen – from the American people. But recently the courts and the Senate have been pushing back, resisting the government's claims that it can't reveal its torture secrets. As a result, those secrets may finally be dragged into the light."

A lot of the information has been published from leaks, and of course denied, and I've written about it before. The spigot was actually more open when Bush was still doing it.

"The government is holding back as many as 2,100 never-released images from Abu Ghraib and other detention centers overseas. The ACLU first sued for their release 10 years ago, and in August, District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled that the government must publish the photos unless it can defend withholding them on an individualized basis."

I don't need the images. My imagination fills in the details and they haunt my nightmares sometimes. I've got a list of folks in my head. I'm not going to get revenge. That's up to Divine Causality. But I won't forget either.

Other things I don't forget:

Corruption in our SEC:

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