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Friday, April 24, 2015

Fielding Candidates

Mayday US is suggesting a:

"plan to elect a reform minded Congress by 2016, please consider being a Congressional candidate yourself.

I suggest folks also consider forming groups, like my "Maryland Green Democrats" Group to find and support such candidates. Not all of us would make great congressmen, but we also need I think we need to build a support infrastructure as well because without that candidates will never get elected. We need a plank (best to base it on E. Warren or Bernie Sander's list with some additions). And sometimes we need to find candidates other than ourselves. The big problem with American Politics is the focus on "fearless leaders". We need a bench; County Officers, local government, and State officers. Even so he's right when he says:

This suggestion is not so ridiculous as you may think.

What we can do is:

"Internet Volunteer Activity"
"General Exception"
"An uncompensated individual or group of uncompensated individuals may engage in certain voluntary Internet activities for the purpose of influencing a federal election without restriction. These exempted Internet activities would not result in a contribution or an expenditure under the Act and would not trigger any registration or reporting requirements with the FEC. This exemption applies to individuals acting with or without the knowledge or consent of a campaign or a political party committee. 100.94 and 100.155. Exempted Internet activities include, but are not limited to, sending or forwarding electronic mail, providing a hyperlink to a website, creating, maintaining or hosting a website and paying a nominal fee for the use of a website."

We can fight for change by running an insurgency within the Democratic Party.

A Common Plank:

Note: Bolded Are Bernie Sander's plank ideas, "EW" is for Elizabeth Warren's 8 points (mapped to Bernies)

Rebuilding Our Roads [and Infrastructure]
EW: "Investing in roads, bridges, power grids, education and research to create good jobs in the short run and help build new opportunities over the long run
Threshold: Repair and upgrade our current Infrastructure
Create a distributed and robust networked infrastructure.
Reversing Climate Change
Creating Jobs
Protecting Unions
EW: "Supporting the right for workers to bargain together
EW: "Enforcing labor laws so workers get overtime pay and pensions that are fully funded
EW: "Giving equal pay for equal work
Raising the Wage
EW: "Raising the minimum wage so no one should work full-time and still live in poverty
Pay Equity
All Candidates must support the Lily Ledbetter fair pay act and it's enforcement, threshold=objective.
Making Trade Work for Workers
Cutting College Costs
Breaking Up Big Banks
Objective: Reorganize the Federal Reserve to be less oppressive and reforming the banking system to eliminate bank control over money supply.
Bringing Health Care to All
Ending Poverty
Threshold: EW: "Protecting Social Security, Medicare and pensions
Stopping Tax Dodging Corporations
EW: "Making sure all Americans and corporations pay a fair share to build a future for all
EW: "Having trade policies and tax codes to strengthen the American economy, raise living standards and create jobs."

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