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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Fan

I met a fan
I did not know I had.
She came to me
while I was sleeping
She told me she loved my poems
and works
And that they were very much worth keeping
She was all light and smiles
And told me how
My darkest poems had inspired her!
And she sent her baby
To where i lay
It walked over to me!
What a smile!
All lights and shines!
it lit up my soul!
The future is in such hands.
I held her for a moment
She smiled back up to me
Then I sent her back to her mother!
And they were gone.
I heard her in my heart.
We can do it if we try
We can transform this land
Indeed there are angels within, among us! Us!
We have to shine hope
We have to shine love.
We can learn to understand
Hope can spread through out this land
We have to be angels
To those we love.
That vision of that baby's smile
Is warmth that won't fade
I think it will warm us for a while
And that baby I saw
Will grow to a woman
Who, like her mother,
Will do wonderful things
With her smile.
Life won't be defeated
If we choose life!

Christopher Hartly Holte

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