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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Promises to keep

All I had to do
Was keep a promise to you
And that is what I did
For your kid.
Time went on by
He learned how to fly
And then off he flew
In the sky
Now all I have to do
Is to keep a promise to you
To think of you each day
In the time that remains.
Time like sand
Sometimes more like a razor
To cut off a strand
Of something we love
Are we kidding ourselves
Do our loves really wait for us
At the end of our time
When our light grows dim?
Or is there some reality
Certainly not this one.
Where angels await us
Swimming in the light?
Or is it true
That the only thing waiting for us
Is a quiet shadow
That turns out the night.
It's all I can do
To soldier on through
Put one foot in front of the other
Til I can walk no more.
And when my labors are over
And the aches are too much
I lay myself down
And pray myself to sleep.

Christopher H. Holte

The poem contains an homage to Robert Frost and one of my favorite poems:

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