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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rogue One: The Real New Hope

The new movie "Rogue one", is a "prequil" to the first Star Wars Movie ever made. And a fitting follow up to the third movie in the series. I can see why the Right Wing proto totalitarians hate the movie Rogue one. It talks about things not in fashion anymore. It is worth seeing folks!

If you haven't seen it yet, then stop here and go see it.

Genuine Sacrifice Not in Fashion Anymore

When hope is gone, it takes courage to go on. Rogue one is not about candy cane, cute robots and fuzzy adorable muppets. It is about raw, hopeless desperate courage. A kind of courage where those engaged in doing the right thing, have no real expectation of coming home. It is more "47 Ronin" than the Magnificent 7, but it has elements of both movies. It is more dark Scandinavian or Japanese in tone than Christmas fair. But it's theme is more Easter than Christmas too. It is more Maccabees than Santa Claus. Indeed it is more Hanukkah than anything else. It is about giving hope to others, even when there is no hope of survival for oneself. It is about keeping the lights going when one is out of oil.

The 47 Ronin gave their lives for Honor and Revenge. In the end the 47 Ronin story is about a vain and unproductive terror attack. A suicidal rebellion that makes no coherent point. But Rogue One is about something more profound. It is about giving hope, not merely making a fatal statement. No cute Robots. Everything is worn out and rough. You can almost see the duct tape and welds in the equipment. You can see that all are worn out, weary, beyond hope. There are no real leaders. On the contrary the heroes in this story emerge from below. They step out of the earth to take leadership when leadership is too cowardly to continue fighting to do the right thing. It is about how wars are won due to ordinary courage and action.

Indeed the problem with Empires is that they have too much hierarchy and terror. How does a slave fight masters who want to create a death star? How do you give others hope when all is hopeless?

Yet the story is far more hopeful than ones where all the heroes have a party at the end. Like I said, it's about something out of fashion. It's about true grit and doing the right thing, even at the cost of one's life. It's about true heroism and true heroes. And I am really glad I went to see it. Reality is, it's ordinary people like the characters in Rogue One who were the "Rebellion's only hope" -- not mysterious mendicants like Obi Won Kenobi.

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WE don't give up.
We don't give in.
And though we lose every battle,
in the end we'll win.
That is our eternal fight.
to declare to the world basic right.
Even in the face of Great Power:
And cowardly and vain denial
The forces of darkness may have all the might.
And say that "that is not so."
"Know your place or we'll crush you!"
But with raw courage we can cross the Nile
And find the fatal flaw in their arguments
They might crush me.
But I see their fatal flaw!
For even as they beat us down.
We, bent over and destroyed
Whisper, "We will not let evil stand!"
And proclaim our rights throughout the land.
Along with plans for how to defeat them.
We won't give up
And We won't give in!
The death star has a fatal flaw!
We can stop it if we're willing to give all!
And if we should perish ourselves
We've left them plans to defeat the death star.
Sacrifice is not about throwing a life away
But giving hope to those who come after us.

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