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Saturday, June 1, 2019

An Inquiry into Donald Trump

Dear Speaker Pelosi and the House:

You need a coordinated messaging strategy if you really want to hold Trump to Account. It is a fantasy that anything other than a well coordinated communications effort, will produce the desired results. There needs to be one message, per day, every day, that hammers out to the press the reality of this President.

Congress needs to put someone in charge of, in lieu of “impeachment,” a “Trump Accountability Inquiry,” preferably under Jerry Nadler, to make sure that every day this effort produces testimony, evidence and information that can show up on nightly news and be broadcast nationwide. All your committee chairs can contribute to this, but it needs to be coordinated. I think that is what the TV pundits really need.

When sufficient support is finally gained to have a formal Impeachment Inquiry that person can be chief clerk of the effort. I suggest it not be a member of congress but an intern under Representative Jerry Nadler's, yours, & maybe Clyburn's, supervision.

Also, it would be worthwhile to impeach, or at least reprimand, Trump's criminal cabinet members and officers like Jared Kushner, William Barr, Mnuchin, etc.... Also we need to be investigating Trump's Judicial appointees.


The House needs to consolidate it's hearings into Donald Trump and his administration. I can understand why they don't want to call it an impeachment inquiry, but the reality is that unless they package their hearings and messaging that messaging won't reach the general public. The real bar to impeachment is not the Republicans, but Fox news, Sinclair and short attention spans.

Unless, the hearings can be productive, factual and easily understood, they will be less than fully effective. So, the suggestion? One person should keep a schedule, work with all the committees to arrange testimony and provide press releases and taped interviews/summaries, with the goal of a new summary message every day til January 2021 or Trump is impeached. Keep the messages to the facts.

Get someone, each day, to give a speech summarizing the days allegations. Periodically, weekly?, get a member of congress to give a speech on Trump's criminality placing those allegations into the overall framework. Make sure every member of congress (House and Senates) gets these summaries and that they are sent to constituents. Make it like a newsletter. There are a lot of bloggers and journalists who could submit material. Some might want to be paid, but that is up to you.

Just an idea.

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