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Friday, September 20, 2013

Lobster and Lamb

They run to the podium to give great speeches
about the evils of overspending amid poverty's reaches.
One after another, they pose for the folks back home.
And then they dine on lobster and lamb

They pontificate and they spew,
while their colleagues eat and chew,
Filmed for campaign commercials they plan to fund,
from moneys taken from schools they plan to defund and throttle.
And they pass the bottles of fine 300$ a bottle,
no cheap soda for them, dining on lobster and lamb

Meanwhile, the lambs await the slaughter,
The children wait for food.
And poor mothers can no longer feed their brood.
At the risk of sounding somewhat rude;
What the hell are these people doing?
Turning the heat up on all of us,
and the people to slaughter, lobster and lamb

Christopehr H. Holte

1 comment:

  1. He gets on the podium two recite Green Eggs and Spam
    And shows over 24 hours, that he's a complete ham.

    Oh try it Senator Cruz, you'll like the Affordable health Care.
    You will like it in your house,
    You will like it when you are on the lam.
    You will like it when you are on the podium.
    You will like it when you stop looking like a ham.

    He hates Affordable Health Care in the House.
    He hates Affordable Health Care in the Senate.
    He hates it even if it makes him look like a Louse.
    He hates it while selling Green Eggs and Spam

    But you will like it the way you like Green Eggs and Ham,
    It won't deny you though though you weigh a ton.
    You will like it when you leave the Congress.
    You will like it when your old age comes.

    You will like Green Eggs and ACA
    After all you have health insurance already and don't have to pay.