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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Go Home To Die

Go home to die,
there is no place to find refuge.
So you might as well die at home.
Cancer awaits some of you.
A slow death from poisoned blood, the rest.
The radiation is in your blood and your chest.
There is no place to run.
Some of you will sicken and fail.
Some of your children will be monsters.
There is no point that you should cry and wail.
The radiation is in your tears and breast.
Life was always short
and the dance must go on.
We dance in our halls near the centers of power.
We dress in finery and put filters on our walls.
We light our homes with your misery
and heat our rooms with the fire of your suffering.
And we count the numbers from billing you
for lighting your homes with your own blood.
Christopher H. Holte 6/7/2015

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