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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Thunder is Rolling In

The Thunder is rolling in.
The storm is coming near.
It's been steamy quiet all day.
steam rising into the stratosphere.
Soon the trees will be tormented
and a storm will be here.
It's summer,
I should let the cat in.
Crack, Crackle, and then boom.
The rain has begun to fall.
A swarm of tiny drops
So gentle and small
I can barely see them through my window.
Now they are hitting the roof finally,
with energy!!
Drilling a steady sound.
But it is still mostly a quiet puttering sound.
The worst of the storm isn't yet on the ground.
Will the lightning strike near?
Or simply pass us by?
Will terror touch down?
Or this be just another summer storm?
I don't know.
I could look at the radar maps.
And see the in swooping enemy.
Like Bombers in an old movie.
The Lightning is near and like daylight.
The Boom is like artillery.
But today I'd rather let it surprise me.
I'm already hunkered down.
There is no place outside my house that draws me.
And I'm up high, I won't drown.
I can watch the rain swoop over the mountains.
Watch the clouds drown the mountains in fog.
Or I can sit in my comfortable chair,
and marvel at nature.
What is nature?
Where is my Garden without the rain?
Would I love the desert?
Where the dust swirls
and the heat is never interrupted?
The Storm passed.
Now it's quiet again.


Thank God when it's just a storm


Christopher Hartly Holte

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