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Monday, August 17, 2015

Democrats and Organizing

Dear Ms. Schultz (@DWStweets):

The GOP does things very differently from the way we do, but they do some things right. One of the things they do right is to organize the grass roots with training and administrative support. Chris Carr sent me a fundraiser letter (he thinks I'm going to send him money -- ha ha) in which he crowed about their organizing:

The grassroots is fired up. Here's what's going on in the field:
  • More than 2,000 individuals have applied to be a part of our Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI).
  • We are training and deploying field organizers throughout the entire country.
  • Our field program is expected to expand to thousands of paid staff across the country.

Note, what he calls "Grassroots" are totally astroturfed, not volunteers, because he's not targeting unpaid volunteers like we Democrats have to live with. He has an almost military organization of paid organizers. Something we can't maintain because we rely on organizations like Planned Parenthood and Acorn, that wind up being vulnerable to attacks on the volunteers, for being paid, or for having a life if they aren't being paid. A lot of what our party does should be supporting democratic institutions not a One Party style initiative -- but the point is that the leadership training and money support needs to be present for Democratic organizers too. So naturally he's:

"excited to share this update with you. I hope you're pumped up too."

I am pumped up. I want to defeat his army of astroturfed professional con artists at the polls.

To do that we need more than money raising. We need Democratic forums, communications outreach, list serve administrators, primary candidate recruitment and support; and alternative media. And these need to be replicated to every village, town or city equivalent in the country; and to every county.

Yours Truly, and I hope you are paying attention to Chris Carr too.

He's coming from

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