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Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Fishy Benediction

May you only catch edible things,
and nothing hunt you that thinks you are too.
May the mosquitoes find you taste bad,
but the fish love all your baits.
May the water be peaceful, deep and full of life.
May your tackle box be full, and your tools sharp as a knife.
May your old friends be rested and tell soothing tales.
May you not run out of water, snacks and ales.
May the time pass slowly and you enjoy the stars on high.
May you hear birds sing and animal calls.
and hear the wind sing in the trees.
May the sun smile on you and your companions too.
May the fish you catch be as big as you describe.
and may you leave the place as beautiful as you find it.
May you "leave no traces" except nature's smile.
Christopher Hartly Holte

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