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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I want Unicorns

I want Unicorns, I said!
They gave me donkey's instead!
I must have Unicorns!
Donkeys are no fun!
Unicorns smell nice,
They dance above reality
and fly up into the clouds!
Donkeys stink. They get dirty totally
And you have to shovel up behind them!
Give me Unicorns instead!
I want unicorns!
Reality is smelly and messy!
People have to work together
and clean up each other's messes!
We have to fight real enemies
Who think they are Elephant's
Or Ganesh taken form on Earth!
I want Unicorns!
I don't want to have to convince anyone!
Do what I say or I'll walk away!
Darn Donkeys need a carrot,
Or they won't walk my way!
Christopher H. Holte, watching the Berners, 7/26/2016

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