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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trumpenführer Goes to War

Wag the Dog or Insane Wannabe Dictator, or both?

Is this whole Syrian Affair "Wag the Dog" or is it a show meant to distract people from seeing that Putin owns Trump and Trump works for him, without actually bringing him down.

Randi Rhodes discusses it:

Further Discussion

In an interview with Lally Weymouth on April 6, 2017, King Abdullah talked about the Future of Assad in the Russian Talks. He was asked about getting rid of Assad:

  1. Getting rid of Assad is a discussion for [future] Geneva [talks]. The Astana talks [backed by Russia, Iran and Turkey] that we’re involved in are purely related to getting a military cease-fire. We all know that the Russians want [Assad] there longer than the rest of us do, but I don’t think the Russians are wed to Assad. Common sense dictates that somebody who is the figurehead of such bloodshed towards his people probably will move on.

The reason he believes that Putin will Do this is to allow the Russians to Barter on other things:

  1. So you think that at forthcoming Geneva talks, the Russians will get rid of Assad?
  1. I think they will barter on how Assad exits. At the end of the day, we need a regime that is accepted by all Syrian people.

Many of us believe that this whole affair is due to Trump's effort to extricate himself from his perception as Putin's agent, and Putin's desire to make it look like he's not his organ Grinder Monkey, by pretending to fight him.

Whether that is in fact true or not, we'll see.

Meanwhile Trump also sent a fleet to Korea.

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