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Friday, August 4, 2017

Lies, More Lies, Big lie and Propaganda -- Today's News

In the News for August 2017

Trump's Speech

There is so much happening right now, that if you are only watching Fox TV you'll never know half of it. And if you aren't reading critically, you'll never grasp it's significance. I'm not really interested in the ephemeral minutiae of the moment right now. But current scandals are enduring, historical events, so it is important to help people keep up. In the news today, are leaks of Trump's conversations with foreign leaders, threats to attack North Korea, Mueller's investigation standing up a Grand Jury & more and more evidence that we elected a Traitor. And that this has been a long term project. These are the important stories to me and a brief summary of why:


Key point that all these threads have in common is massive lying, "The Big Lie". And part of that effort is to always project lying on others. This is not only a con, as it makes it harder for people to figure out what is really going on. It is also a recruitment, and keeping follower tool, calling opponents liars makes it harder for followers to figure out they are being conned. On ""Cosmopolitanism" the author of the Politico article notes:

"It’s a way of branding people or movements that are unmoored to the traditions and beliefs of a nation, and identify more with like-minded people regardless of their nationality." [Politico]

He notes that this line of attack on progressive ideas by attacking progressives is an old trick. He refers to the history that

"the revolutionary pamphleteer Thomas Paine might have been an early American cosmopolitan, when he declared:
“The world is my country; all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”)." [Politico]

Indeed Thomas Paine was slandered by such figures as G. Morris, and when he was locked up by the Jacobins, George Washington refused to come to his aid, maybe because Morris prevented him from seeing the letters, maybe not. He was eventually released from Prison with the help of Morris' replacement, but when he finally came back to the United States he was treated as a Pariah by the religious right of that era for criticizing religion in his book "The Age of Reason", so this hatred for "cosmopolitanism" is not new. It is extraordinary in this day, however. But not surprising:

" In the eyes of their foes, “cosmopolitans” tend to cluster in the universities, the arts and in urban centers, where familiarity with diversity makes for a high comfort level with “untraditional” ideas and lives." [Politico]

This betrays an attack on people, not for what they do, but for who they are. Very disturbing.

It is also Stalinism. So we have Bannon, who claims to be a Leninist, and Stephen Miller, who is a Stalinist. Trump sure knows how to pick 'em!

Trump Russia

Mueller is convening a second grand jury. Previous one was investigating Flynn, the new one is looking at the Trump Campaign. Flynn is admitting relations with Cambridge Analytica, which may have been the middle man between the Trump Campaign and Russia. He updated his financial filings with the information. Who knows where all this is going, but to anyone concerned about Government process, it is good thing. Evidence is coming out among my friends, that Trump and the GOP's ties to Russia go back decades.

Carter Page has been on the Government's criminal/spy radar for longer than thought (since 2014):

Cambridge Analytica and Brad Parscale

Further Reading and Sources:

Technically previous days:
Politico explains why Steve Miller and his 'cosmopolitan" epithet is rightly Chilling. It's origins are as a Stalinist epithet aimed at Scholars and Jews.
Trump's Crazy Talk with Foreign leaders:
Grant Stern's Page
His Series on Ed Lozansky:
Without Ed Lozansky No Trump Russia:
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