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Monday, August 17, 2015

Privateering through Banks and the EuroZone

I've talked about the Greek-Eurozone conflict and how it represents the bait and switch reality of privateering using the Euro and it's for profit private bank in some past posts in posts titled "The Privateers give a broadside to the Greeks" and Going Greek on the Whole World, and Yanis Varoufakis and the Importance of Saving Europe (the last of these talks about what might have been).

Of course, I wasn't the only one who was deeply disturbed by the buccaneering behavior of the central banks and the oligarchic multinational banks from before 2008 to just now.

In the book:

"Austerity, Greece’s Debt Crisis, and the Death of Democracy: A Book about Greece and Much More" by Joseph M Firestone [Kindle books]

The blurb or the article notes:

"The Eurozone is an instrument of the globalization process that is setting financial elites over all nations of the world, including the democracies.The situation in Greece exposes the true nature of the Eurozone institutions as a naked fact, beyond spinning, for all to see. They are popular sovereignty thieves and democracy-killers, with the illegitimate power necessary to shut democratic governments down."

Essentially the Eurozone turns the Euro into a tool for loan sharking on an international level.

"The architectural flaw in the Maastricht Treaty: namely, that the nations of Europe were giving up their monetary sovereignty, was immediately recognized as fatal by acute economists, and many predicted failure. But, what was not seen clearly were the political implications of giving the ECB and the Troika, the ability to deny liquidity to the banking systems of nations, and, in so doing to crash their banking systems, undermine their governments, and perform, essentially, coups d'etat rendering elected governments of democratic nation states powerless to enact policies they were elected to pass. This “theft of democracy” contradicts the basic commitment of the EU to advance democracy. It steals from the peoples of the nations of Europe, what was so hard won by many of them only recently."

At least so far. But we can always claw this back. "It ain't over til it's over!"

"This book provides a detailed narrative about the proceedings of a panel of well-known economists convened by Senator Sanders at the Hart Senate Office Building on July 30, 2015, on the Greek debt crisis, and its implications for austerity, the Eurozone, the looming crisis in Puerto Rico, and democracy. The panel session included introductory speeches by Senator Sanders, Greece’s Ambassador to the United States, and panel presentations by economists, Joseph E. Stieglitz, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, and James K. Galbraith. The panel was moderated by Stephanie A. Kelton. The book also provides a detailed analysis and commentary on panel presentations, and the Q & A period. It concludes with chapters on uncooperative “Grexit”, Information Technology problems of Grexit, and the death of democracy."

I suggest people read the book, read my posts on the subject. and also read this blog review of the book. We are slowly realizing that we are dealing with pirates wearing suits.

The Privateers give a broadside to the Greeks
Going Greek on the Whole World
Yanis Varoufakis and the Importance of Saving Europe
Review at Corrent Wire:

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