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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Evil Mother

To the Tune of "Evil Woman:"
E-evil Mother! E-evil mother....
He's going to hell, No matter what you do.
Spare the rod, and your fears will come true.
Hate the crime, whether he's done it or not.
Never mind that you've become a drunken sot.
E-evil Mother, E-evil Mother....
He's already in Hell. That Hell is you.
Your child needs your love lady, not your hate.
Spare the rod, or you'll make your fears come true.
Get yourself sober woman! It's not too late.
Get off your high horse. Stand on your feet.
Hate is a crime, love will transform you.
If you read your bible, you'll see my words are true.
Christopher H. Holte, 9/22/2015

Inspired by an ugly story of a Woman who sees a 4 year old as evil because he's left handed.
& Electric Light Orchestra!
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