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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rewrite the rules!

The Post Keynesians have coalesced! They are groping towards notions of Sovereign money but are still in reform mode. Joseph Stiglitz Speaks out! If we follow their policy recommendations we can put an end to the self inflicted suffering of "austerity" and the Bull Hocky excuses for punishing common folks for the high crimes and misdemeanors by our ruling elements.

We can end welfare for the rich and penury for everyone else by the simple expedient of dumping the con artist, delusional and failed, policies of neo-liberalism.

They say:

"In this new report, the Roosevelt Institute exposes the link between the rapidly rising fortunes of America’s wealthiest citizens and increasing economic insecurity for everyone else. The conclusion is clear: piecemeal policy change will not do. To improve economic performance and create shared prosperity, we must rewrite the rules of our economy." []

Contributors include most of my favorite economists, including Robert Reich. If we follow their recommendations the era of neo-liberalism heavy (Friedman, Greenspan, the Austrians) and Neo-liberalism lite -- So-called Neo-Keynesianism -- will be over. Key to that is getting control back over our money, fiscal policy and institutions; including Congress from those who have been conning us.

The book is a great start in our reform movement. The authors are groping towards a narrative of commonwealth and common sovereignty. The book doesn't yet channel some of the fundamentals of the underlying issue directly but it lays out the facts. It is up to us to lay out the Lockean Moral arguments and to spell out that one of the fundamental issues is who has sovereignty over money, the people as a whole, or the monied men. That issue is "a whole 'nother can of worms." But the economists here lay out the statistical, theoretical and economic arguments.

You can read the report here

Download the report here: []
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