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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The only thing we need to fear is fear itself

FDR Said it, not so long ago:
The only thing we need to fear is fear itself!
Fear isn't good for anyone's health.
Fear is like a cancer,
it can be acute, or spread with stealth.
Scientists have shown that fear and anger
Are evil twins that shut down the brain.
The fearful respond with anger
They circle wagons,
or march the door to war.
But there is one enemy the dark twins can't handle
One enemy that releases their victims
That enemy is the power of laughter
To join with former enemies, and let go of fear.
The Fearful and Angry can't deal with laughter
They don't know how to take a good old Joke.
They may know all about stoking hate and fear
But they can't deal with a sympathetic joke.
So to defeat the fearful
All we need to do is to see the joke
to see through the oppressing illusion
And throw off the miserable yoke!
Then we need not even fear, fear
For seeing the absurdity of it all
When our bellies are full of laughter
We don't even notice it if we fall
So all we can do is laugh at them
Or even find a way to get them join in the fun
Because if they are too busy laughing
They won't have time to push anyone around.
So share a sympathetic joke
And a belly laugh for all of us who have survived.
And permit yourself a sympathetic tear
At all of the victims of fear
who have suffered on down through the years.
If you do, then fear and anger,
no longer have hold of you.

Christopher H. Holte 9/10/2015

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