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Monday, September 7, 2015

Pandora's Dream

A dream can't be killed
Only turned into a nightmare
She dreamed of a world of gifts and love
Anesidora bringing to fruit seeds grown from the ground.
And she was given an urn as a gift.
She opened that urn in all innocence
And furies flew out and all around.
The spirits of hates and thefts and war
Flew into the world once more.
Denying even the hopes she'd longed to give.
She saw them fly away and closed the lid.
But stubborn hope resurrects
And lurks patient and kind beneath the lid
For when the furies have passed.
Don't fear to open that box again!
When it grows quiet at last.
That dream we mortals have
Of a world that is fair and just.
Call it hope, the "American Dream" or just common sense.
They put it in a funeral urn,
But it won't stay there.

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