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Friday, July 8, 2016

To Luke Skywalker

Beware the dark side of the force my son.
The magic of the Fairies is subtle and deep.
Their Sithi lords walk quietly among us.
And whisper hatred in our sleep.
You have to step out into the light.
And win the eternal, inward fight.
And shine out thy moral authority for all to keep.
To defeat the dark side that walks within.
For alongside love walks fear and sin.
And every berserker makes an insane choice.
For beside the better lights whispering in one ear
is always another sinister whispering voice.
There is power in hate.
Power to destroy.
Power to display, power to deploy.
But it is power that feeds on life
it cannot last.
And hate echoes hate.
Feeding on hurt.
Feeding on the past.
But it can bring only one kind of peace.
the peace of unburied unquiet bodies.
Christopher H. Holte 7/8/2016

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