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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Vision of Angels waging Peace

I have a vision of Angels waging Peace,
flying high above the hate and fighting of hate and fear

Blowing the mighty Shofar from high above, heard with a mighty cheer!
Sending out a blast of Justice, mercy, forgiveness and love
instead of attacking heedlessly the insane humans below.
They blow a horn that opens doors, and walls fall.

Yes, my vision is of a mighty army, so powerful and confident,
It needs no guns, missiles or bombs to attack.
Instead the angels come in in a line to circle and dance!
and blow the horn of second chances!
Angels Bringing bread and honey, food, clothing and money.
filling up carts and vendor stands with overflowing goods
Instead of bulldozing houses, building up new roads!
And paying people to pursue the ways of peace, instead of war!

In my vision, trains run from Turkey to Medina and Mosul, Baghdad an Kabul, and other paths.

And the roads are filled with tourists and lovers, fearing only tourist traps.
Let everyone travel when and where willing! Let them live their lives in freedom, coming and going!
And let folks live in any town where they can make a living.
and be citizens of where they hang their coats.
Let us take away the power from the demagogues and profiteers.
And the liars who wear religious clothes.
And still we'll hear the bells and calls to prayer, all the louder.
Because those called go freely.

Christopher H. Holte

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