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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Prince and I

The Prince and I

The prince and I shared a little time
As Six year olds do when in the adults world.
A child as smart as a whip with a winning smile.
And as always with such children,
I was blessed with his company.
He played video games with my children,
who are old adults now, this boy could be my grandson
...and I'd be proud.
Young, respectful, active, well behaved, not loud.
I gave him some attention as I give all my children.
But adult matters haunt my heart,..
I kept them private, my burden.
But we played a little. He shared his lego "gun"...
And "shot me" a few times, and I pretended to die.
But inside my heart felt like I would die.
A few days before, a boy with a toy was murdered by police.
A little boy who this boy reminded me of, I had to hide my tears.
It wouldn't have been fair to beat him with my fears.
If I could extend my heart to protect him I would
Boys like him will play with toy guns...
...but in our world it can be fatal.
His mother will never buy him a toy gun...
A "cop might shoot your eye out."

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