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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Update on ACA and the attacks on it.

The Hard Right, dragging innocent folks with them, have been hard at work building a network of lies, spins and half truths about the ACA. The last time I wrote about it was in 2013, but I've shared a lot of other folks writings on it. It works for me. It saved my nephew's life. And it's saved my keister too. The Right Wing has no intentions of replacing it. Their followers are stirred up with lurid stories about excessive costs and trickery by RW Tricksters. And every month there is a new one. One of the more recent controversies was when the Right wing took some offhand critical remarks about ACA as proof that their goal of repealing it (and not replacing it) was righteous. The guy's name was Gruber. His comments were similar to one's I've made except he intimated that the creators of ACA were engaging in deception when they anticipated problems that they didn't broadcast.

Personally I'd prefer a single payer system or at the very least a public option. I'm tired of the whole privateering, greedy, profiteering robbery of the US medical system.

Gruber Fact Check:

I want to supplement the medical system with a United States Health Militia and use that to train, provide and maintain the health system and make sure that everyone has access.

I plan to talk about that.

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