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Friday, March 6, 2015

Quid Pro Quo Corruption or "protected Free speech?"

Lest anyone think that Chris Christie would go to jail for quid pro quo corruption. The Courts set a high bar on that. So whether the quid and the pro can ever be linked is one of those things that involves our officials pointing at each other and saying; "Oh no that's just "protected free speech."

Donated to who Amount Year
Republican Governors Association$200,00020131
Republican Governors Association$751,20020142

For that paltry sum, Exxon Mobil got a hefty reward. Because New Jersey has been suing Exxon Mobil. The article in the New Jersey Newsroom notes:

"New Jersey’s 2004 lawsuit against Exxon Mobil accusing their local petroleum refining plants of contaminating state land and water

And this was no chump change lawsuit:

"According to, Exxon would pay $250 million for $8.9 billion worth of damage in Bayonne and Linden. The company’s refineries damaged 1,500 acres of waterways, wetlands and meadows, according to reports. Exxon’s liability had been established when the lawsuit went to trial." [alec baldwins allegations true]

Now New Jersey already paid out that $8.9 billion. So Exxon and Christies corrupt team just got New Jersey to pick up the tab for 8.65 billion dollars in damages. Definitely if money is speech, it is a hell of an investment. For a paltry 750K in donations Exxon got 8.65 billion in savings. That is a more than 1000:1 payoff! Good Job Exxon! And thanks to SCOTUS, no one ever need go to jail.

Sources and Further Reading
More at Open Secrets:
Alec Baldwin finds this outrageous:

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