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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dealing with Nukes, Dealing with Iran

Boehner should be charged for violating the Logan Act. We can't arrest him til the term is over, but he broke the law:

Netanyahu didn't propose a solution to Israel's fear that Iran will get "The Bomb". He tried to prejudice our negotiations with Iran and sabotage our efforts to negotiate an agreement to get Iran to agree to not getting the bomb. All so he could win re-election in Israel. He's got a point. A better deal? I don't think is his goal. His real goal seems to be to sabotage any deal. As I've said before:

"No nuclear program is completely peaceful. They all exist so that governments can do zen proliferation. If they aren't building bombs now, the plants give them the option to in the future. To me the real problem is that nuclear power plants are themselves massive dirty bombs primed for accidental detonation and meantime poisoning their own people. Dimona is more dangerous to Israel than what the Iranians are doing. But an Iranian program under international monitoring is still better than an Iran buying bombs from N Korea, and the best way to guarantee attacks on Israel is to attack Iran."

He also played Balak ordered to curse Israel and praised Obama and his efforts on behalf of Israel when Boehner wanted him to attack him. I still think Boehner should be indicted (he can't be physically arrested til Congress is out of session) for violating the Logan Act but obviously that's not happening.

Attacking Iran might set back Iran's nuclear program, but more likely it would start a war. The only way to guarantee Iran doesn't build atom bombs in that circumstance would be to destroy the country. We could do that, but the Karmic retribution for Israel and the United States might be worse than if Iran were to get the Atom Bomb. Netanyahu is afraid of proliferation. Israel is the only country with atom bombs right now.

Nuclear energy is dangerous to those who have it. If we really want peace in the middle east and around the world we need to shut down Dimona, shut down our program, shut down Iran's program, and shut down nuclear programs around the world. But we aren't going to do that by having the head of a foreign country sabotage diplomacy. And sadly, we can't do it unilaterally without other countries using their own opportunistically.

The best thing that could happen to Israel would be to throw Netanyahu out of the Prime Ministry. It's not like he has any long term strategy for Israel except to beat up on Palestinians, put settlements in the West Bank, and war monger. He wants us to take the heat for Israel and keeps saying the same things. He'd sound like a broken record if you substitute the word "Iraq" for Iran from 20 years ago:

Netanyahu cheerleading the Iraq Invasion: []

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