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Saturday, March 21, 2015

That Three fingered Thing!

When Folks don't vote, this is what happens!

It's that Three Stooges thing!

There is a reason that we should vote. The reason is that when we don't vote our very real enemies attack us, loot our goods and if we are lucky make us walk the plank before sinking our lives.

As my friend Laurel M Davila said:

-- "If one of the political parties is OPENLY promoting a return to feudalism and turning all of the 99% PERMANENTLY into hereditary serfs, while the other at least goes through the motions of maintaining a democratic state... THAT is NOT a simply cosmetic difference between the political parties!"

Both Parties are NOT the Same!

So when I hear folks telling me "both parties are the same!" "You Are sheeple." When I'm feeling charitable I tell them those accusations are a "three fingered thing." But the reality is that it's a "Three Stooges thing." This is because:

  1. Each of us have a vote. If we waste that vote we elect our enemies.
  2. We have real enemies, we need consensus to defeat them. Therefore we need to work with people we don't agree with 100% to defeat those we disagree with 100%. (or sometimes 80% each way).
  3. We have the duty to fight within our open organizations before stepping outside of them. Therefore we need to fight to replace corrupt officials and politicians at all levels of government including local. And we have the opportunity to fight city hall within the Democrats most of the time and change their attitude on subjects. This is what Gays did and it worked. They first worked on the Democrats and then expanded to Cons. That is how they won.

It's that Three Fingered thing

If You don't like the system, get to know it, tell it's leaders why. Fight it. Change it. If officers are corrupt, find people who you can trust and put them up against them. If the communications system is broke, we have a duty to form alternative media and pass the truth. If folks are playing "follow the leader" and marching towards a cliff, we have a duty not to march over the cliff with them.

Our society is the way it is because too many of us go along with city hall, don't participate, don't pay attention and so make our susceptible to propaganda, duplicitous messages, and outright lies. Instead of judging situations based on ethical evaluations and facts, we tend to go with the flow. And that lets the pirates manipulate us.

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