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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Children of Amalek -- Introduction

One day when soon after I married my wife I was reading the bible in Hebrew at the synagogue with my wife, and it was the beginning of the Jewish year, when we start out reading Bereshit Genesis chapter 2 Chapter one either starts out with the second letter, or was edited out 4000 years ago. And an alternative version of the story of genesis and then the story of Isaac's near execution occurred to me. I started writing the story, but it started in East Jerusalem just outside the Jews Sacred Gate that leads to the Wailing wall. My vision was of an alternative version of that story and the people who didn't want to see it published. I finished the chapter but there was a lot of detail and characterization missing. Later I got to see that site and it looked very similar to my vision, and indeed an even bigger vision of a sapper war operating behind the over war between Hamas and Likud started opening up. I came home from my trip to Israel and updated the story. Then my wife died and all my personal effects were boxed and I can't find the draft. Especially the part where I told of him translating the alternative text. I felt in a similar to the position of the main character Avi, who'd taken the place of a fellow medical technician and driven the ambulance that morning.... He lives just long enough to send a letter to Israels Antiquities Institution. A letter intercepted by me.

Then yesterday I heard of the atrocities directed against an ancient Kurdish tribe living in Syria. And in the notes about them I heard of the Angels they believe in and their beliefs. And that sparked my imagination once again. Just now I had a vision of another chapter of the story. I was a CIA agent working on a department of the top secret drone program. Only this one is one [I have no idea if this is in fact true -- it's just a dream/vision after all] has the ability to spy on Israeli and other remote control drones and surreptuously watch their deeds. The Drone is shooting at people in the street at a level of resolution that lets me see the people like little cartoons running down the street. The people are running with clay bottles from a building. The bullets are shooting at the people and those clay bottles. One of the bottles contains a text. The text is the version of the bible written by Amalek 4000 years ago. The tribe of Amalek is alive and well, but you would never know it.

My vision is of the real reason that Hamas tunnels under Israel. Not just in Gaza, but in Jerusalem. And there they fight and sometimes join with archeologists and ostensible foreigners, Jihadis and moderates, likud and Labor, English, Germans, Socialists and Frenchmen. Anti-Jews and religious Jews, Descendants of crusaders and descendants of Caliphs alike. All secret descendants of Amalek by birth or secret ceremony. A membership enforced by enforcers so stern that none of us are even allowed to know the first word about them. And they infiltrate both Nazis and Rabbinate, Czars and Communists. For them death and destruction is just "mowing the grass." And the first word of their story is in the second chapter of Genesis that it shares commonality with, "Bereshit"; "With Creation God Created the World."

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