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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saving Schumer

Woke up early having a dream. I had a big trash bin full of artifacts from the "composer Schumer" and i was under orders to trash it all. Loud voices were telling me to do so. So I went through the bin and saved the things that say who Schumer was, what his music was about, and it's words, preparation for play etc... anyway. Despite threats that they'd kill me and trash my stuff too. Last I save a pair of glasses and wake up. I realized my unconscious was talking about my Wife's legacy. She was no "Schumer" composing great music, but she was a great scholar, teacher, peace maker and thinker and a person who will be missed by the world. And this world treats most folks as so much trash to be dumped when they die. The glasses belonging to Schumer in my dream were the same as a pair I found the other day of my wife's glasses. Man I miss her. But mostly I wish the world did.

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