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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Archetypes come alive in Manhatten

The Archetypes come alive like a great beehive,
out of the sky, all the sky kings dive!
Out of the ground, demons ride black steeds!
Out of the earth, ghosts raise up their heads,
Shake off the lethargy of years of being dead,
and march into town instead.

The Archetypes come alive, one by one, two by two,
Fat happy Sun kings, fawning, evil Richeliu,
Happy, gay, Three Musketeers, dueling D'Artanion too!
And cowboys duel with Musketeers,
while Indians brawl with Vikings!
And sea battles soon ensue,
between dragon ships, and triremes,
Treasure Ships and Pirates!
Black beard lights candles on his face,
and Berserkers scream their bravery!
Three musicians march in step,
celibrating their freedom!
While good priests meditate;
evil priests fornicate;
and everyone acts with wild abandon,
the fantasies of their soul.
Wielding a sword at illusions,
that seem to only get stronger,
While chiding others for delusions,
that are so plainly false!

These archetypes all dance their steps,
all dance in wild abandon!
In the minds of drunken revellers,
drunk with anger, drunk with hate,
marching down Broadway,
stopping at Harald Square.
Climbing the millenia tower,
on top of a giant skyscraper!
An angry Ape climbs the Empire State,
and Godzilla parades his hate!
And then both fall to their fate!

The archetypes come alive
and war like Devas and Ashuras!
While the real villains of these places,
gnash their teeth and hide their faces,
creating unleashed archetypes!
Calling "Peace" but unleashing war!
Calling "brotherhood" but disdaining love;
loving only their archetypes!
The police cannot leash them,
their own are loose!
And these archetypes dance together,
while their owners cry in delusion:

"You believe a lie, I utter truth!"

Their owners cry in unison:

"Your archetype is a monster,
and mine a world taming hero!"
"No yours is the monster,
and mine the hero!
Oh look here,
is that a child our heroes just crushed?"

Pointing fingers, three aimed at the breast!
"It's all my fault! This delusion!"
Without understanding why,
this too is a lie.
Do you know the causal law?


Christopher H. Holte written December 27 2000

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