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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Predicting 9/11 -- Kali Marching

I could feel something wrong. Something very wrong coming. And I went to Manhatten with my wife in 2000, because it was the place we loved. We went into the Twin Towers and passed through their magnificence. And I wrote the poem "The Archetypes come alive in Manhattan" while we were there and posted it in a yahoogroup I was a member of. Nobody understood what I was saying as usual. But there is something predictive in it. The third stanza goes:

These archetypes all dance their steps,
all dance in wild abandon!
In the minds of drunken revellers,
drunk with anger, drunk with hate,
marching down Broadway,
stopping at Harald Square.
Climbing the millenia tower,
on top of a giant skyscraper!
An angry Ape climbs the Empire State,
and Godzilla parades his hate!
And then both fall to their fate!

Less than 9 months later a large part of that cataclysmic vision came true. I'm gathering stanzas from this long poem and each one astounds me.

Full Poem:

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