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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Devil's Advocate

I thought I published this once before, years ago. (definitely years ago since the sweetness is gone) Probably as a news group post. But here it is again, slightly updated:

The rotten words have a certain charm,
properly composted they'd grow a farm.
He phrases his words in sweet terms and reasoning,
advocating things he himself doesn't believe
Why would he do such a thing?
Is his intent to deceive?
He makes the case so very well,
That the smoke wafting up from hell,
the sulfur odor, seems just another garden smell,
despite the underlying rottenness.
He is playing the devil's advocate
But where is the heavenly side?
Where is the Judge to preside?
Where is the truth?
Where is the advocate for truth?
The devil's advocate,
advocates to find the truth.
His limits are facts. He never lies.
though he defends vigorously as charged.
Thoroughly airing the truth, examining the lies
puncturing myths, to allow the light;
Satan as God's prosecutor
Without the airing of lies,
there can't be any refutation.
Without the action of air and rain,
Lies only kill.
And lies, displayed as myths,
form a crust over putrification
But there are people who are the devil's friend
For them truth is not as important as securing the win,
Hiding facts, distorting the truth, advocating for the devil.
Such people are advocating for the devil.
With selfish motives which shred any pretense of integrity.
In a poisoned world of lies,
that smell will remain, tightly bound,
Turned into myths, facts pounded down,
Until the crust of lies breaks,
And it will emerge with a noxious plume,
that kills all who are forced to breathe it.
Evil see's lies as his friend.
Putrid lies and distortions, anger and conflict,
bring destruction, and misery that never end.
Don't we want the lies to end?
These Devil's advocates are the Devil's friend.
Can these people be saved?
Can he change his stripes once he's put on this skin?
Can he get on the mark after missing in sin?
Can be dionysian and at the same time Manichean?
Can his secrets ever be more than lies?
Is one trapped in lies,
when one subverts the truth?
If anything they say is untrue.
...though the rotten words have a certain charm...
....they are lies.
....and lies are death

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