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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why Words are not enough

If words were enough
then wordsmiths could architect the world
and we'd have paradise or hell
abundance or poverty,...
...all based on a poet's heart.
Imagine greenery based on a prophet's dream
Imagine, utopia on a preacher's scheme
If only we could hear such voices with our inner ear.
Would that bring joy or would it be a thing to fear?
If only we could hear
the meaning inside a mother's tear
Would we find a way to stop our wars?
Would we stop stomping on the weak among us?
Imagine if cathedrals could grow
seeded by a a preachers sermon
What mighty edifices we could see.
If only words could set us free.
But our hearts are deaf and dumb
And our ears are cloyingly numb.
We only hear what we want to hear
and we ignore, even what our prophets preach
preferring false prophets to the truth
Many preferring the genocide of a Joshua
To the quiet love of Ruth
When we hear the truth, we stone the prophet.
When we hear their lies, we elevate them to a dais.
So it's a good thing our words can't build things of themselves
Or we'd raise prisons with our hatred
And drive staves in each other's hearts.
And half baked ideas would raise Golden idols that cannot long stand.
For we speak a long time before we understand.
...and that is why words....
...are not enough my dear.

Christopher H. Holte, not sure when I wrote it. but I'm publishing it today 2/17/2015

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