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Friday, February 13, 2015

Roe Versus Wade RIP

West Virginia Outlaws abortion after 20 weeks

No exceptions for Rape and Incest

Todays news is depressing on the personal freedom front. So much for Roe Versus Wade. I believe that abortion is nasty myself. But I also believe it is a private matter for women to have self governance over, not my business unless it is my baby, and even then my role should be more advisory than dictatorial unless they can fashion me a womb and let me bear it to term. In my opinion sticking your nose into private manners and publicizing private things is perversion not moral. I believe that abolitionist/prohibitionists trying to oppress women in the name of "right to life" are perverts. These people are sex offenders not moral people. I know I will offend relatives here. But sorry, oppressing women offends me. And West Virginia:

"CHARLESTON — West Virginia delegates approved a ban on abortions after 20 weeks conception Wednesday, similar to the one Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed last year over constitutionality concerns." []

Hopefully this one will be vetoed too.

"The bill bans abortions after 20 weeks, with some exemptions for women in medical emergencies. Rape and incest aren't exempted, despite Democratic members' attempts to include them." [West Virginia Bans Abortion]

They say that people were reciting Bible Versus among the abolitionist prohibitionists. I'd like to myself but the only passage I can find is the one where a woman is made to drink bitter water to prove that she hasn't been untrue to her husband. Considering that water might well be an abortifacient I guess those were known to the ancients. It just isn't my business and I don't know where they get their quotes.

The only good thing once these laws go into effect is that the evidence that criminalization drives abortion underground will mount. The harm done by abolition/prohibition will add up. Folks will blame the victims at first and OB/GYN doctors and women will be killed or go to jail. But eventually the scoundrels behind "right to life" rhetoric will expose themselves for the perverts they are.

That's just my opinion. And I'll ad to this later.

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