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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Welcome to the Orange Duke's Court

Welcome to the orange Duke's court!

I know you've heard a few strange reports.
But we'll give you an excellent time.
& Congress certifies they are never a crime.
I guarantee you'll enjoy your stay
We might even give you back your chips at the end of the day.
Welcome to the Trumpenführer's Court!
Let's hear the Trumpets blare!
While his flying monkey's do aerial combat
and his Casino bells and whistles play
We will watch him eat a sumptuous repast
While we are expected to bow and clap.
and to play his games.
Knowing the Casino's bank always wins.
Welcome to the Gropenführer's Court!
Where the Starlets dress under his purview
They'd better run quickly from the dressing room
Less the grab them and play with them in the gloom.
Nevertheless watch them dance and kick up high!
They didn't dare not dance, and so they sigh.
As the Trumpenführer passes by.
And he keeps his business rights.
His sons and daughters kept under his sight.
Daughter in his lap, young wife taking a nap.
On Airforce One he soon will fly!
Holding a nuclear button, save us lest we all die!
Welcome to the Trumpenführer's court.
And pray we don't get picked up by his flying monkeys.

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