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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Of Pigeons and Pirates

Smoketown Pigeons

Early in the morning,
Smoketown sleeps at last!
But the pigeons from their eyrie
Come and go seeking their repast.
From their Hilltop keep.
They stand watch in their tower
All the town do they see.
But the only thing on their little minds
Is where their next meal may be.
The Tower is their fortress
Its bell is painted white
In flocks they come and go.
Dancing in the air!

Christopher H Holte‏ @CHHolte 7/26/2017

Note: Had to share this before I forgot it!

Pirates Bones

The pirates will come and go
Leaving whale bones mouldering on the beach
With bones of ships & men
Their treasure is an illusion
Vanishing in black smoke
Only trinkets of idle scrimshaw
To tell the tale of men and sail.
Treasure Gone!
They hunted beheameth to near extinction
Then dug the soil seeking His remains
Reveling in gushing poison
Building empires built on oil!
In the ancient game of piracy
The captain's crew comes to town
Promising ease and riches
Spreading paper all around!
Their promises are lies
And those who see their invisible cloth
Find a knife in an alley way.
While the glamoured masses scoff
"It can't be other than a new great day!"
But their promises are hollow
Their king a glibe practiced grifter
Soon they've robbed the town naked
And depart, seeking riches swifter!
Dead men tell a mournful tale
Broken bones, evidence of disease.
Nature recovers but remembers
The land mourns lost virginity.
Rachel weeps.
And animals make their homes
In the ruined bones
castles of extraction
Become pigeon eyres.
Smoketown sleeps
Dreaming disturbing nightmares.

Christopher H Holte‏ @CHHolte 7/26/2017

I had two different thoughts here that kind of meshed in a fugue of analogy. One was from watching the pigeons in my local Church. The other is the pressing weight of our American History.

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