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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fighting the Devil - written 1978

I am fighting the devil in my life
It is powerful and it is hidden.
And it is not a man, not a person.
It casts its shadow over my dreams.
It tries to blind me in my eyes.
It seems to feed upon my screams.
preventing me from seeing the Way.
Shadowing me with fears at the end of the day.


But I am a noble fighter, a warrior all the way
and though all tries to steer me towards ruin,
through the power of desires and delusion,
Yet I shall find my way
Using the power of the law of life,
To steer it better to steer it right.
Using the inward power of mystic wisdom
to see through to truth and through delusion
and act wisely and bravely, no matter my plight.


I am courageous and afraid.
Prone to foolishness and to evil.
Yet I am also noble and I'm brave;
Because I keep my eyes open and hold fast to the one law that endures;
When I persevere in doing what is right,
All the mighty forces of the Universe come to my aide.


Christopher H. Holte, written in 1978. I had already been practicing Buddhism for 5 years.

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