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Saturday, October 11, 2014

If the Gods forsake me

Inspired by Marcus Aurelius

If the Gods foresake me
my country and my family
Then I pray I see the reason
and at least have some idea why.
If storms assail me
And I'm in a winter storm wearing summer clothes
then such must be my destiny
but that doesn't mean I shouldn't seek shelter.
If I am lonely
and deeply in love with you
and indeed my Karma is heavy
and you don't love me too.
Then too there must be some reason
and a cause or some lesson, maybe some long ago thing done wrong.
Maybe I can yet resolve if I change inside and grow strong.
If the Gods have abandoned me
and my heart is destined again to break
If I must suffer for your sake
Then I must apologize for the cause I made long ago.

Christopher H. Holte, 1981

Note: Marcus Aurelius wrote a similar poem long ago in his "Meditations"; "If the Gods have forsaken me" is a common fear and refrain among those who try to do the right thing or are engaged in struggle. Each of us have trials which we must pass through, sometimes blindly, or perish. During such times it seems that God or the Gods, or at least the love and support of God, has abandoned us. But in reality such is never the case, but rather we live in a world of causality where we are each tested by travails. With a powerful faith one summons the courage ("life force") to challenge such challenges. The true object of worship is the reflection of what we can be.

"If the Gods have forsaken me,
I and my family..." -- Marcus Aurelius

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