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Friday, October 31, 2014

Orpheus and the Reactor

Orpheus went into the reactor,
to rescue his love.
He found her there in constant hell.
When he gazed into the reactor well.
What a beautiful blue! Such an etherial hue!
But he was forced to remain as well.
Blood welled from every orifice.
and melted away his material shell.
What a strange dream was that love.
Playing his harp across the world.
His love was volatile and capable of beautiful violence.
Her hair burning brightly rising high in the sky
While her feet destroyed all who knew.
Yet he dreamed of saving her and embracing her beauty
Though all he found was death and sickness.
In the end the harp plays alone, with no one to play it.
And his dream melts like fire into the earth deep below.
While smoke rises slowly, poisoning the material world.

Christopher H. Holte 10/31/2014

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